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Given the amount of water and moisture your bathroom sees on a daily basis, is it really any surprise that it is the one room in your Fairfax home that depreciates most rapidly? The simple fact of the matter is that whether we care to admit it or not, bathrooms are susceptible to damage that other rooms are not simply by virtue of the fact that there is so much water in its vicinity. However, just because your bathroom has seen better days doesn’t mean that it needs to be fully redone. At MAG Plumbing & Remodeling, we offer the perfect solution for Fairfax homeowners who want to return their bathroom to its former glory without breaking the bank and putting one of the most important rooms in their house out of commission for weeks. Contact our Fairfax office today to learn more about how our tried and trusted bathroom remodeling service could help you.

Three Top Trends in Bathroom Design

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, we are full of innovative and interesting ideas that will add immediate and lasting appeal to the bathroom in your Fairfax home. At MAG Plumbing & Remodeling we are passionate about what we do, that is why if you want a bathroom design that will stand out from the rest then you need to contact the remodeling team you can rely on today. Three of the top bathroom trends in Fairfax in recent years include:

1. Accessible Options: With people in Fairfax living much longer than they used to, the convenience and accessibility factor of bathrooms has also increased in importance. It is for this reason that we have noticed an increasing number of bathroom designs place accessibility as a high-level priority. This has seen steel grab bars and uncomfortable bath chairs being replaced with “wet rooms” and built-in shower seating.

2. Argon Windows: For years, windows in bathrooms sacrificed natural light for privacy. However, with an increasing number of homeowners in Fairfax seeking to optimize the amount of sunlight it is perhaps unsurprising that this trend has begun to change. One of the main design developments that has helped increase transparency without compromising on privacy is the presence of argon in windows. Argon charged windows provide homeowners with the best of both worlds by providing privacy while also allowing you to see outside.

3. Smart Storage Ideas: By installing vertical space and run cabinets the length of your bathroom’s wall, our team of installation experts can maximize the storage space in your bathroom in an effective and efficient fashion.

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